Here are the looks I'm thinking of for 4/10.

First look - brown paneled room (fabric backdrop). First shooter round can be standing poses, second round I can bring in a burgundy settee. I'm thinking burgundy wardrobe. I have the burgundy robe in the inspiration photo below if you'd like to use is as part of a look.

Second look is high key. White patterned backdrop. I'll probably put down a white floor. First round of shooting standing poses. Second round of shooting I'll bring in a flat type of futon with white furry fabric for posing on. For wardrobe - whites, off-whites and pastels could work.

Third look - more low key/dramatic. This will be standing poses and maybe apple box poses. Deeper shadows. For this look, darker more dramatic wardrobe will work. This will almost be bodyscapes.


All looks will be soft light. The last example photo posted is harder light than I will use on 4/10. Let me know if there's anything you don't like. Thanks for doing this event - looking forward to it!