Here are some looks. Let me know which you like best.

1. Silhouette. This is backlit so the subject is pure black. Poses can be horizontal (I have a long "posing box") or poses can be standing.

Look 2 - moody dramatic on muslin backdrop. Poses for this can be standing, floor or using posing props. I've done more of this with clothed models than nude models but I think it's a compelling look for art nudes.

3. White/ethereal. This is backlit and easy to do after doing silhouettes. This can be done on the posing box or standing. A mosquito net adds interest.

4. Bodyscapes. This is lit from behind with colored lights that give every model a perfect tan. Poses are all standing. Variations include a small "hop" as well as spraying some water (which is always too cold even when it's warmed up!).

5. Multi-flash trickery. These images are done in camera by popping the flash multiple times while the model moves. The shutter may be open for a second or two. Everyone shoots at the same time yet different people get different images. This is a good last look - but it's technically challenging (as far as photography goes).

6. Hard light on white. I'm throwing this in as another option. It's simply posing with a white backdrop with hard light and hard shadows. A fan can add movement.