The first look with be window lit - a black outfit will work best for this look. I typically shoot this in black and white and encourage the students to do the same.

Black and White BoudoirBlack and White Boudoir Black and White BoudoirBlack and White Boudoir Glamour PhotographyGlamour Photography Boudoir PicturesBoudoir Pictures

The second look will be a bedroom scene with a burgundy bedding set. This look will use continuous lights. A red outfit works best for this look:


The third look will be a bridal look in a studio flash lit scene. A white outfit works best for this. I have a veil you can use:


Bridal BoudoirBridal Boudoir Glamor PhotographyGlamor Photography Bridal BoudoirBridal Boudoir

That will probably be all we need - but bring an extra outfit or two just in case we have time. I doubt we will need it. Here are some other looks we could do:

Modern Boudoir PhotosModern Boudoir Photos Modern BoudoirModern Boudoir Boudoir PhotographyBoudoir Photography Sexy PhotographySexy Photography