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  • First, find a full-time photographer. It's been said that the large majority of photographers are part-timers who do it as a sideline (many times to simply afford additional photography equipment). You'll want someone who is dedicated to the craft.
  • Second, find a photographer who can provide a wide range of styles. Most photographers specialize in a single look but, let's face it, each person's style is one-of-a-kind and there's nothing quite like variety. Some women prefer subdued and sultry images while others prefer sexy steamy photos. It's all good - and you want a photographer that can show your many sides.
  • Third, seek out a photographer who is a leader in your local photographic community. You'll want someone who is respected by other photographers in the area - the type of person other photographers go to when they need help. These leaders tend to be some of the best in your area.

After you've found a photographer you think you'll like, plan an in-person consultation. At first, this may seem like a little much but, let's face it, a boudoir photography session isn't something most people do everyday! So take the time to meet with your photographer, review various looks you'd like to create, discuss wardrobe and discuss your styling. You'll also want to see samples of albums, folios and other printed material. The world has changed quite a bit since the days of getting loose prints at the corner pharmacy - and there are some beautiful, exciting printed products available. Your photographer keeps abreast of the latest and should provide samples for your review.

Speaking of styling - I always suggest using a professional hair stylist and makeup artist prior to your session. You can line up your own but most good photographers have several they work with. These stylists know how to bring out your best so your photos really shine. Just look at the photos below of Sarah prior to her session compared to a finished image:

Sarah Before


Lastly, remember the old saying - "never rich enough or thin enough". Many women feel they need to shed a few pounds prior to their boudoir photography session - nothing could be farther from the truth! Sexy is not a dress size and there is never a better time than now to do this! Remember, your photographer will know the best ways to light you, pose you and edit your photos so you look your very best!

One more thing - this is a time to splurge! Think about it - when was the last time you did anything like this for yourself? Likely never, right? When will be the next time? Who knows, right? Your session will make you feel special and show you how you are everything a woman can be. So enjoy the moment and treat yourself to the very best.

As always, I would love to be your Austin boudoir photographer!

All the best,




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